PictureClean Mill Valley Co-Director Jill Young is on the case.

A note from Clean Mill Valley Co-Director Joan Murray:

“What Are You Noticing On Our Streets?

Some Clean Mill Valley volunteers have resumed removing litter in and around town while others have decided is unsafe to do so. We encourage those who are reluctant to continue their efforts to stick to their decision, although some have just become more cautious how they cleanup.

We carry hand sanitizer, wear gloves, use litter pickers and wash our hands as soon as it’s possible. We don’t touch questionable items. We’re even spraying our litter pickers with disinfectant at the end of our work.

We are noticing more masks, of course, and more plastic than we found before the Ides of March. We are also seeing more residential dumping on private and public property. It’s not uncommon to find discarded envelopes addressed to a recipient in a city garbage can. This kind of dumping creates overflowing garbage cans with contents picked up by crows or the wind and spread on our streets, into storm drains, creeks, even the marsh and eventually into our bay.

No doubt many of you have noticed the unprecedented amount of litter on Highway 101. Caltrans cannot keep up with this mess and it is our collective responsibility to create awareness in our community to prevent actions that lead to the litter that harms our environment and impairs our visual enjoyment of where we live.

If you would like a Clean Mill Valley decal to create awareness about our efforts towards a litter-free town, please contact me at joan@cleanmv.org. If you are part of a business and want to become a member, let us know. Future adopters of a specific area are encouraged to contact us when they are comfortable doing so.”


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