City of Mill Valley officials this week unveiled a slightly modified version of the wildly popular downtown Miller Avenue street closure that has been in effect – with a few COVID-19 and weather-related interruptions along the way – for the better part of nine months. 
The changes, which will be in effect during the Miller Ave. closure from Thursday at 3:30pm to Sunday at 8pm, allows for outbound traffic on Miller, frees up 12 additional parking spaces along the Depot Plaza side of Miller and supports the continued vibrancy of the closure itself to the benefits of retailers, restaurants and residents throughout downtown.
Beginning Thursday, March 11, downtown Miller Avenue between Throckmorton and Sunnyside Avenues will be restricted to southbound (outbound) traffic during the aforementioned closure days/times for the foreseeable future. Traffic patterns will return to full, two-way access Sundays at 8pm through 3:30pm on Thursdays.
The outbound traffic pattern accommodates emergency access and egress, while allowing our community to enjoy a great outdoor experience. To allow the traffic circulation pattern to operate safely and to offer as much parking as feasible, the 12 current head in-parking stalls along the Depot Plaza on Miller Ave will be converted to back-in parking only during weekends.
The traffic circulation change necessitates news signs, barricades and patience. Staff and volunteers will need approximately an hour every Thursday afternoon and Sunday evening, to reconfigure the barricades and signs. During these transition periods, parking at the 12 stalls along the Depot Plaza will be prohibited and subject to towing. Additional bike racks have been installed helping to encourage cycling to downtown.
Please continue to look for detour signs, pedestrians and cyclists while travelling through Mill Valley and to shop local.
Thank you and Stay Safe!

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