The City of Mill Valley is in the midst of Extreme Makeover – Trash Can Edition.

One by one this month, the City’s Public Works crew has been removing each of its 28 200-pound downtown trash cans and trucking them over the Corporation Yard on Sycamore Avenue for a restoration.

Each can has gotten a power wash, a new coat of paint and, when necessary, a new internal basket, says Denise Andrews, the City’s operations superintendent.

“It’s quite a bit of work,” Andrews says, noting that replacing all of the trash cans, which cost $1,200 each, isn’t feasible right now. “We’re working with what we have.”

Andrews urged residents and visitors to work with the design flaws of the current cans, which have flaring tops on them to prevent crows from getting inside them, a design that frequently causes users to just drop their trash on the edge and not inside the can.

“We have a hard time understanding human nature but we’re hoping that people will make sure their trash gets inside the can,” Andrews says.

The trash can makeover comes on the heels of the City’s decision to power wash all of the sidewalks downtown in 2014.

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