2022-23 Enjoy Mill Valley Guide

Nearly 40,000 copies of our 2022-23 EMV Guide, an annual magazine dedicated to all things Mill Valley, are arriving in mailboxes all over Marin and beyond within the September issue of Marin Magazine. Below you’ll find links to its digital twin.

Editors’ Note: Mill Valley’s Resurgence

Cover photo by Paige K. Parsons

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–Jim Welte & Susan Lopes

In this space a year ago, we found ourselves still fully immersed in the loss and tumult of the pandemic, mixed with some normalcy and enjoying al fresco everything, with businesses and nonprofits utilizing the outdoors in creative ways. The year since hasn’t avoided turbulence. As we write this, Covid cases abound. But as one of the most vaccinated counties in the country, we have the tools to protect ourselves, the latest new variant be damned.

Among those tools is the power of community and the arts to heal the body and soul. We experienced the thrilling return of our landmark in-person events, particularly the Volunteer Firefighters’ Association’s Pancake Breakfast, Veterans Ceremony, a joyous parade, enriching History Walks and, of course, the four-day Kiddo! Carnival. The MV Fall Arts Fest and another dazzling Mill Valley Film Fest are around the corner, as is a wonderful Winterfest.

There are many more to come, including the newest member of the “magnificent Mill Valley events” club: the Mill Valley Music Fest, our event in May featuring a quintet of remarkable bands and a great slate of food, drink & activities – all to the benefit of our town.

In addition to creating an event the community could be proud of, we sought to put Mill Valley back “on the map,” so to speak, both for guests who might need a reminder of the bounty of natural beauty, cultural gems, world-class restaurants and amazing retail shops, as well as for our longtime residents who find themselves spending much more time closer to home these days.

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